What is Health?

Health is comprised of 5 key dimensions including diet/nutrition, physical activity/fitness, sleep, stress management, and thoughts/emotions. To promote health, therefore, we must realize a holistic approach which is needed to ensure a complete state of wellbeing, not just the absence of disease or illness.

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The foods we eat are important to increase longevity, prevent disease, and maintain a healthy weight.

Physical Activity/Fitness

A consistent commitment to physical activity and fitness helps you look better, feel better, and even think better.


Good sleep can:

Decrease stress
Improve mood
Enhance concentration
Keep chronic illness at bay

Stress Management 

Mastering stress can:

Improve physical health
Boost mood
Enhance relationships
Improve sleep


Practices for emotional health:

Recognize how your thoughts influence emotions
Cultivate positive thoughts
Practice self-compassion
Let yourself express a full range of emotions