Components of an Optimal Fitness Program

Cardiovascular Training the cornerstone of good health refers to the hearts ability to pump oxygen-rich blood to the muscles Ability to utilize oxygen efficiently Resistance Training Increasing muscle strength and endurance Ability to exert force and sustain any given activity over a period of time Translates to daily performance including carrying groceries, lifting small children, … Continue reading Components of an Optimal Fitness Program

The Importance of Flexibility Training

What is flexibility? flexibility refers to the lengthening of a muscle to be flexible means all soft tissue has the ability to extend or lengthen without restriction this extensibility or lengthening is crucial for full range of motion around a joint Why is flexibility important? There are several key reasons to incorporate flexibility training. To … Continue reading The Importance of Flexibility Training

6 Basic Components of Fitness

There are 6 basic components of fitness that leads to optimal performance for daily living. The 6 components include: Flexibility Cardiorespiratory Core Balance Plyometric Resistance I incorporate these 6 basic components of fitness into my weekly fitness routine by scheduling workouts every day that focuses on one or two of those specific elements. For example, … Continue reading 6 Basic Components of Fitness

How To Be Successful in Managing Weight

Managing weight requires a complete lifestyle approach. This lifestyle approach consists of four key factors. The four key factors include diet, exercise, habits, and mindset. In order to be successful in managing weight it is important to master these four factors. Diet Diet refers to the particular food choices you decide to consume each day. … Continue reading How To Be Successful in Managing Weight