Huntington Central Park


Huntington Central Park is located in the City of Huntington Beach and stretches across an impressive 350 acres of land. The park provides an ambience of spacious greenery and natural beauty. It is a great escape into peace and tranquility.

Address: 18002 Goldenwest Street

Things to Do

Walk your dog

There is a perfectly paved pathway throughout the entire park.
Dogs can also take advantage of running around on the wide open grass fields.

Explore The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden can be found at the park near the HB Central Library. It was created in 1992 and features plants, flowers, and a variety of birds. The Hummingbird is especially popular at the Secret Garden.

Have Lunch At The Park Bench Cafe

Outside of the cafe is this cute inspirational bench amongst the poppy flowers
“Life is short, hurry to be kind”
Park Bench Cafe is also very dog friendly. There is even a dog-friendly menu!
So much beauty surrounding the cafe. Highly recommend checking out this spot while at the park.

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