The Fit Bar Superfood Cafe

The Fit Bar


The Fit Bar Superfood Cafe is a nutritiously conscious food bar that offers the highest quality acai bowls and smoothies. The Fit Bar is focused on delivering nutrient dense ingredients that optimize health and fitness, rather than sugary or processed ingredients that are not ideal for health.


Sunset Beach, Ca

Address: 16305 Pacific Coast Hwy, Surfside, CA 90743

Located on the corner of PCH and Anderson in Sunset Beach

The Menu

Bowls, Smoothies, Coffee, Toast


Acai Bowls

The Brazilian 

The Brazilian: acai | blueberries | strawberries | banana | almond milk | hemp granola | coconut flakes

The Admiral 

The Admiral: acai | bluberries | banana | hemp hearts | goji berries | mulberries | almond milk | bee pollen | flaxseed


The Keto

The Keto: acai, peanut butter, avocado, blueberries, collagen protein, cacao, coconut milk

The Cafe

The set up is perfect for lounging and/or getting work done. Feels like having a perfect laid-back living room set up. A perfect ambience for reading a good book while eating your delicious acai bowl.

Be Here, Be Humble, Do the Work

Certified Sustainable Business Practice 


I highly recommend this superfood cafe for those who are very health oriented like myself. This fit bar is dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients to support your health while being super delicious as well.


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