Fullerton Fitness Stairs

Fullerton Fitness Stairs

Fullerton, Ca



Hillcrest Park

Address: 1200 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832


The Fullerton Fitness Stairs overlooks the Hillcrest Recreation Center. The Recreation Center features 3 baseball/softball fields and a football field. There are also public restrooms available with a fountain fountain as well. The restrooms have always been very clean every time I have used them. There is plenty of parking available near the recreation center as well.

There are three different stair cases to climb. The main one is the most steep and challenging. It is also the one that tends to be the most crowded. The other two are off to the side and a little shorter but still steep and challenging. Along the stair cases are dirt trails to offer more running or walking along nature.

This spot is absolutely a fitness/outdoor enthusiast dream. It has everything you need for a perfect outdoor workout. Great views and natural ambience. If you get tired of the stairs you can also make your way down to the football field/turf area to workout there. I like to do sprints on the turf but also a great spot to bring your own free weights or kettlebells for some outdoor strength training.

Definitely add this spot to your list of outdoor workout adventures!

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