Finding Life’s Higher Meaning

“Who Am I? Why do I exist? What is this world? The search for answers has inspired every generation of philosophers, thinkers, scientists, poets and spiritual seekers.”

-Amit Sood, M.D., M.Sc.

Who Am I?

  • Is there a deeper unseen reality? A reality that transcends the mind?
  • Is the “I” we refer to actually a sacred essence of soul or spirit?

“My personal belief is that we have a vital essence beyond the mind. We can call it by a name or leave it nameless. I believe we are a combination of body, mind and vital essence (soul)…a transcendent identity, one that isn’t limited by space, time, relationships, nationality or any other identifier, can be be summarized as, ‘I am an agent of service and love’.”-Amit Sood

To come to the conclusion that there is a soul or “vital essence” within our being helps to transcend the suffering that comes from the vanity of human existence. Existence becomes a spiritual journey in which life’s higher meaning can be found. A higher meaning such as being “an agent of service and love” for the betterment of humanity or the common good of society. It is also a very practical and secular standpoint. You don’t have to necessary believe that this soul or vital essence is rooted in religion or mystical claims about the universe. It is simply a way of perceiving the mind and consciousness as a sacred essence beyond the ideas of the self or the ego. Consciousness is a mysterious phenomenon. And at this point in time we do not fully understand consciousness but science does acknowledge it as a pathway to spiritual practice. A practice that breeds more love and less suffering.

Why Do I Exist?

  • What gets you out of bed each day?
  • Are you motivated to gain popularity or fame?
  • Are you seeking self-transcendence or self-actualization?

“One way I conceptualize why I exist is to leave at least a small part of the world a little better than I found it. I hope at least a few people are better off because I had the privilege of touching their lives, without harming anyone in the process”-Amit Sood

In whatever roles we play in life, there is always the opportunity to love and be of service to others. To find a calling in your attitude and character regardless of life’s circumstances. Not for ego-gratification or vain ambition, but simply for the satisfaction that comes being aligned with a truthful and wise way of living.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”-Viktor Frankl 

Even in the most challenging times we can choose our attitude toward life and towards our existence. We get to choose our own meaning for why we exist rather than waiting for an explanation from the gods or some other external source. The reason for our being can be found within our own minds, it’s all a matter of what attitude or perception we choose to take.




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