El Moro Canyon Trail

El Moro Canyon Trail

Crystal Cove State Park



El Moro Canyon Trail is located within Crystal Cove State Park along the Pacific Coast Highway between Laguna Beach and Newport Beach.

Trail Distance & Time: The entire El Moro Canyon loop is about 5 miles. But if you’re looking to do an easier route it can be reduced to 3 miles. The shorter route usually takes me about 1 hour or so. Start from the trailhead at the parking lot and take Moro Ridge (see below in yellow). This route has a steep incline which is moderate to difficult depending on fitness level. But it is hands down the best trail for some pretty amazing ocean views. Moro Ridge will continue for a mile or so until ending at the fork between two other trails (see below). Once you reach the fork you can turn around and head back the same way you came. This is the easiest way to hike El Moro Canyon trail and also the best way to soak in all the beautiful ocean views.

Stay on Moro Ridge for the best ocean views.

Download full trail map here

Getting There

The entrance to El Moro Canyon is located off Pacific Coast Highway and El Moro Elementary School. If you pass El Moro Elementary school you have gone too far.

Address:  8471 N Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Parking: There is a $15 fee to park. It can be used to access the entire Crystal Cove State Park and Beaches. This gives you the option to spend some time at the beach after your hike or even grab some food at the Beachcombers Cafe.

Things To Note:

  • No dogs allowed
  • Bathrooms and water fountain available in parking lot
  • There is a Tunnel located near the trailhead to access beach
  • Trail is suited for athletic running shoes but hiking shoes are always ideal


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