The Importance of Noticing Nature in Daily Life

“With the growth of the cities and screen time occupying a third of our days, nature has moved to the background…treat yourself by paying greater attention to nature for at least 10 to 15 minutes everyday”.

-Amit Sood, M.D.,M.Sc


Who is Amit Sood?

Amit Sood is a professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and chair of the Mind Body Medicine Initiative at Mayo Clinic in Rochestor, Minnesota. He is also the author of The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living. This book is extraordinary for it’s simple and practical assertion on profound and spiritual concepts in relation to finding joy, peace, and contentment in life. In his book, Sood gives us several reasons to make awareness of nature a daily practice in order to cultivate a healthier and happier state of being.

Spending time in natural settings makes us happy. But most people spend very little time in nature these days-Amid Sood, M.D.,M.Sc

Sood provides a study from the University of Essex to support his stance on the importance of noticing nature to cultivate more health and happiness. According to Sood the researches discovered that “a daily 30 minute country walk decreased depressive symptoms in 70 percent of the participants, with the self-esteem improving 90 percent” (Sood 69). This study makes it clear that there are positive psychological benefits from just 30 minutes of outdoor exercise each day. Given that, it is definitely important for us to remember to notice nature on a daily basis and make outdoor exercise a part of healthy daily routine.

Every day, serve yourself some fresh air, brewed with moments ago by the trees that surround you.-Amid Sood, M.D.,M.Sc


Here are a few ways to enjoy nature on a daily basis.

  1. Wake up early to watch the sunrise while you go for a morning walk or run.
  2. Take your dog out for a walk around the park.
  3. At work take your 10min breaks outside and breathe in the fresh air.
  4. At lunch eat your meal outside underneath the blue sky and sunshine.
  5. Go for a bike ride after work.
  6. Take a sunset walk at the nearest park or hiking trail.
  7. Read a book outside.
  8. Put flowers in your house.
  9. Sit by the window.
  10. Go for a drive with the windows down.


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