Lake Hollywood Reservoir Trail

Lake Hollywood Reservoir Trail

Los Angeles, California




Lake Hollywood Reservoir Trail is a 3.5 mile loop located off the 101 freeway in Los Angeles, Ca. The trail offers a scenic escape from the crowded concrete jungle of LA. It is a perfect spot to enjoy lakeside exercise-walking, running, biking, etc. My favorite feature of this trail is the perfectly clear view of the Hollywood sign.

Parking & Directions

I recommend starting from the upper portion of the lake at the North Gate entry. This entry point is located at the end of Lake Hollywood Drive. Here you will find free parking available along the curb.


I love that this trail offers a water station to fill up your bottle. I also love that there is free parking. On the downside, there are no pets allowed here. It would be the perfect trail to take your dog for a walk but unfortunately it is not dog friendly. In addition, there is a giant fence that runs along majority of the trail which really keeps you from taking in all the beautiful lakeside views. Nevertheless, it is a great spot to escape the city life and enjoy some nature while in LA.

Lake Hollywood Bridge


About half way around the trail loop is a bridge that overlooks the reservoir and Hollywood sign. This is by far the most scenic part of the trail loop. I highly recommend hiking up to this point to capture the beautiful views and take pictures in front of the Hollywood sign.


  • About 3 miles to hike the entire reservoir loop
  • No dogs allowed
  • Free Parking at North Gate/Lake Hollywood Drive
  • Free Water Station
  • Beautiful scenic views across the reservoir bridge

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