PorroVita Juice Bar in Newport Beach


A California Juice Joint

3000 Newport Blvd Newport Beach, CA 92663

About PorroVita

PorroVita is a latin phrase for “long life”.

The original PorroVita juice bar is located in Newport Beach, Ca within the Balboa Peninsula.

The menu ranges from fresh juices, smoothies, acai bowls, coffee, and healthy snacks.


3 Recommendations at Porro Vita


Tiger’s Blood

A healthy and delicious juice option that is made with fresh beets, ginger, lemon, and apple. I tend to customize my Tiger’s Blood by adding orange to it as well. Tiger’s Blood is a perfect option to boost blood flow and immunity, as well as cleanse the liver and beautify your skin from the inside out.


Acai Bowls

Berried Alive

A yummy bowl of acai blended with apple juice, blueberries, and strawberries. Topped with more fresh fruit, granola, and coconut flakes. Sometimes I like to order it with almond milk instead and add hemp protein to the mix. Taste just as good and gives you a little protein boost.


Healthy Snacks

Ants on a Log

I am obsessed with this menu option. For only $3 you can get this super healthy, simple, and filling snack. A little cup of celery topped with almond butter and raisins.


Porro Vita not only offers a variety of healthy menu options, it offers a low-key beach side ambiance to relax in. I love the artwork displayed on the walls and the natural lighting that fills the entire space.


If you’re looking for a healthy juice bar while in Orange County I highly recommend stopping by Porro Vita in Newport Beach. Keep me posted in the comments below if you ever visit! Would love to hear about your experience.

Thanks for reading!

peace and love,


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