Sejuiced Organic Juice Bar


Superfood Orangic Juice Bar

2744 East Coast Hwy b, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

 About Sejuiced

Glass is Life Philosophy

“Together we have saved the planet 90,000 plastic bottles”

Sejucied believes in doing good for the planet by choosing glass over plastic. Glass is much more reusable and sustainable for the planet.  Glass is also healthier for our bodies for several reasons. For instance, it is non toxic and BPA free.

Bring Back + Give Back

I love that you can return your bottle for money back or you can give back as a donation to raise money for one of their local charities.


Sejuiced believes food is the key to healing and nurturing the body for longevity and vitality. Food is essentially medicine. For this reason, Sejuiced utilizes a cold-pressed juicing method to ensure they provide the most nutrient dense and quality juice possible.

My Favorite Menu Items

The Fat Burner

Ingredients: grapefruit, ginger, lime, orange.

Benefits: Grapefruit has a powerful effect as a metabolism booster. It is also packed with Vitamin C to help heal and protect the body’s immune system.

The Soulmate

Ingredients: Beets, lemon, orange, apple, and ginger.

Benefits: Beets have an amazing affect on blood flow which helps boosts stamina and endurance for athletes and fitness enthusiast. The combination of lemons and oranges means you will get a ton of Vitamin C as well. In addition, ginger is key for supporting the immune system and fighting inflammation in the body that comes from stress.

The Kickstart

Ingredients: Spinach, apple, lemon, cucumber, and ginger.

Benefits: So hydrating! Drinking cucumber and lemon first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is a great way to kickstart your day because it is so hydrating! Staying hyrdated is super important for weight loss because it helps you feel fuller. It is also key to improving your skin complexion for a beautiful healthy glow.

The Warrior Bowl 

Ingredients: acai or pitaya, strawberry, pineapple, flax milk topped with granola, banana, strawberries, cacao nibs, mulberries, honey.

The Mermaid Bowl

Ingredients: banana, blue spirulina, coconut milk, topped with granola, banana, strawberry, coconut, mulberries, and honey.


Learn more about Sejuiced 



Peace & Love,


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