Santiago Oaks Regional Park

Santiago Oaks Regional Park

2145 N. Windes Drive, Orange CA 92869


Santiago Oaks Regional Park offers outdoor enthusiasts a place to explore nature and escape the city life. The spacious wildlife and mountain vistas provides a restorative paradise for nature lovers. A great retreat for hikers, bikers, and equestrians to enjoy the freedom of being outside in nature.

The rock at Robbers Peak is a popular vantage point to take in all the views of Orange County

Where to Park

There are two options for parking. The main parking lot is found within the park entrance off of Santiago Canyon Road. The parking fee here is $3 Monday-Friday but increases to $5 on the weekends. I would park here to take advantage of all activities and amenities the park has to offer, such as bathrooms, playground, nature center, etc. The second option is to park at Anaheim Hills Elementary school located off of Serrano Ave. The perks of parking here is that it less crowded and directs you straight towards one of the highest peak of Santiago Oaks with the best views of Orange County. (See picture above).

Option 1: Address (park entrance)

2145 N. Windes Drive, Orange CA 92869

Option 2: Address (Anaheim Hills Elementary School):

6450 Serrano Ave, Anaheim, Ca 92807

Hiking Information

Very dog friendly for those who like to hike with their fur friends.
Equestrian Friendly as well for those who enjoy horseback riding.
A popular spot for mountain biking.
The sunset views at Robbers Peak are amazing.

Trail Guide

Anaheim Hills Trail to Barham Ridge Trail

I love seeing the American flag along this trail. I typically start at Anaheim Hills Elementary school and then hike the trail leading towards Robbers Peak (the big rock). Once I pass this point I continue towards the American flag and head down the trail towards Barham Ridge. Once I get to Barham Ridge Trail Lookout point I turn around and head back the way I came. This typically takes about an hour of hiking. Roughly 3 miles. Click here to see  Trail Map


Santiago Creek Trail to Grasshopper Trail 

Starting at the parking lot of Santiago Oaks you can access Windes Trail right away which will lead you towards Santiago Creek Trail.

Windes Trail
Santiago Creek Trail
I love the views at the top of Grasshopper Trail


More information on this park can be found here:


Thanks for reading!

Hope this inspires you to get outside and explore more hiking in Orange County.

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