Crystal Cove Beaches: Los Trancos & The Historic District

Los Trancos & Historic District

Crystal Cove State Park Beaches

Address: 15 Crystal Cove Newport Beach, CA 92657
Los Trancos Beach near the Historic District in Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove Overview

Crystal Cove State Park offers several beautiful beaches along the pacific shoreline. Located right off Pacific Coast Highway in between the Newport Beach and Laguna Beach communities. A perfect spot to enjoy a very mellow and relaxed beachside ambience. Hikers and bikers have access to a nice dirt path along the coastal cliffs as well. A great way to soak in some beautiful ocean views while exercising. Also a very scenic low key spot for surfing and paddleboarding. The various beaches in Crystal Cove include Los Trancos near Historic District, Reef Point, Pelican Point, Moro Beach, and Treasure Cove.

Los Trancos

Los Trancos Beach leads into the Historic District and Beachcombers cafe

Parking & Information

  • Entry Fee is $15 for the day
  • Restrooms and water fountains conveniently located near the parking lot
  • No dogs allowed on the beach
Path down to Los Trancos Beach


Historic District 

The historic district is probably the most popular spot in Crystal Cove. It includes rustic beachside cottages that are available to rent year around. Alongside the cottages includes an oceanfront cafe known as The Beachcomber.

View of the Historic District cottages and pacific shoreline
Stairs down to the Crystal Cove cottages and Beachcomber Cafe

Crystal Cove Conservancy

Within the Historic District you will find this little cottage that serves as a center of historical information and conservancy education. It’s mission is to help preserve the natural coastal habitat of Crystal Cove State Park. Learn more here. 

Views from Crystal Cove Conservancy

Check out the slideshow below to see Crystal Cove in December.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Beaches Cottage Museum

Among the many cottages in the Historic District, you may stumble upon cottage #13. This particular cottage is especially significant for its role in the film, Beaches. It is now preserved as a museum to withhold the memories of this classic film.

About Beaches Film



3.2 miles of beautiful pacific shoreline

Views of Crystal Cove Beach shoreline

As an Orange County native I can definitely say that Crystal Cove State Park is my favorite place in Orange County. There is so much to do and see here. From hiking to biking to simply laying on the beach. But what makes it so spectacular is the mission to preserve the beauty of the natural coastal shoreline and cliffs. This serves to keep Crystal Cove in the most pristine condition. A refreshingly beautiful environment to soak up and enjoy.

Thank you for reading! Have you I convinced you to explore more of Crystal Cove? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Would love to connect with you!

peace & love,




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