Two Harbors Catalina

On the west side of Catalina island is Two Harbors, also known as “Catalina’s Quieter Side”. Two Harbors is a beautiful oasis and nature lover’s paradise that offers a vast area of hiking trails, secluded campgrounds, and an array of recreational activities.

Two Harbor 

Things To Do

Camp at the Two Harbors Campground

The beautiful and secluded campground overlooks the pacific ocean. Perfect for outdoor enthusiast in need of a quiet retreat away from city life.


The campground offers the cutest little cabins to stay in. There are also areas of traditional tent camping as well. For more information on campground reservation or rates see this link here: Two Harbors Campground


Views from the campground trail

Go Kayaking or Paddle-boarding at Two Harbors Beach

Two Harbors features a beautiful calm beach next to the pier where you can do fun things like launching a kayak to explore the Catalina coastline.

img_9906Kayaks can be rented out of the Two Harbors Dive & Recreation Center. To learn more about renting kayaks see the link here: Kayaking Two Harbors


Hike the West End Trail

On the west end of Two Harbors is a hiking trail that leads to Fourth of July Cove.

Views from the trail
Walking the west end trail overlooking the pacific ocean


Beautiful Views of Two Harbor Catalina

Explore the Catalina Harbor

Another area to explore is the Catalina Harbor. Located more inland, on the opposite side of the Two Harbors pier.

Trail leading to Catalina Harbor
The dock at Catalina Harbor


Notice the Abundance of Butterflies

One of my favorite aspects of this island was the abundant presence of butterflies. Such a joy to see so much beauty all around.




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