Healthy Snack Of The Day: Celery and Almonds

Celery is my go to low-calorie healthy snack. For taste, I add stevia and cinnamon.

Why is celery such a healthy snack?

  1. So hydrating!
    • Celery is primarily water. This high water content is key to supporting your hydration levels throughout the day. Water also makes you feel fuller, thus helping to curb your appetite.
  2. Good for digestion!
    • The fiber in celery is key to promote good digestion. The fiber in celery serves as a natural laxative to prevent bloating and constipation.
  3. Very low calorie!
    • Low calories but packed with vitamins and minerals…aka extremely nutrient-dense but for so little calories. A great option to help manage weight while also ensuring an intake of health boosting nutrients.

I like to combine my celery with some healthy fats like Almonds.

Why are almonds such a healthy snack?

  1. Supports weight management and weight loss.
    • Almonds are a good source of  healthy fats, which promote fat metabolism in order to keep the body in fat burning mode. Staying in fat burning mode is very important for weight management and weight loss. 
  2. Promotes energy production
    • Almonds are a good source of manganese, which is used in energy production to metabolize carbohydrates and fats.
  3. Good source of antioxidants
    • Almonds are a good source of Vitamin E, which is a major antioxidant used to prevent cell damage and the formation of free radicals. (free radicals are linked to cancer).
  4. Good for the brain!
    • Research shows that those who eat foods high in Vitamin E and fiber gain cognitive benefits.


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