How To Perform a Single Leg-Deadlift

The Single Leg Deadlift

An exercise to target the entire posterior chain.

The posterior chain refers to the muscles on the rear side of the body.

These muscles include your glutes, hamstrings, and erector spinae.

How To Perform a Single Leg Deadlift with a barbell 

  1. Start in standing position with upright posture.
    • Posture should engage core by squeezing in abs and activating glutes
    • Posture should retract shoulders back with chest out
    • Keep knees slightly bent, do not lock out knees
  2. First movement is pushing hips back as chest comes forward until parallel to floor.
    • imagine a wall behind your hips and try to touch your tailbone to the imaginary wall
    • keep back flat, avoid rounding
    • keep abs engaged by squeezing belly button into spine
  3. Second movement is lifting barbell off ground by thrusting hips forward and raising chest back to standing position
    • squeeze glutes to help engage hip muscles


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