What is Active Rest and Why is it Necessary?

Active Rest is term that refers to low-intensity activity that is performed to help your body recover from strenuous physical fitness or workouts.

Active Rest is necessary to support recovery and reduce stress.

Examples of active rest include low-intensity hiking, biking, and yoga.

Here are my top favorite forms of active rest.

  1. Hiking-my favorite hikes include Santiago Oaks Regional Park and El Moro Canyon in Crystal Cove. Hiking is a form of active rest because it requires you to be active but it can be done at a low-intensity to support recovery. It is also very helpful in reducing stress because it allows you to be outside in nature, breathing in fresh air and soaking in sunshine. All of that combined is a great stress reliever.

2. Biking– my favorite places to bike are along the beach or along the river bed. Biking is a great option of active recovery because it is easy on your joints and requires less cardiovascular effort. This will give your body a break from the strenuous high impact workouts at the gym.

3. Yoga-there are so many types of yoga but the best form of yoga for recovery is restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is helpful to restore mobility and relieve stress.

4. Paddleboarding- I love paddleboarding as a form of active rest because being on the water feelings like a source of freedom and bliss. It helps clear my mind and give my body a break. I love that I can just paddleboard for a short duration and then spend the rest of the time napping on my board 🙂

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