Healthy Snack of the Day: Roasted Almonds with Cinnamon and Stevia

When you’re hungry throughout the day what should you eat?

Almonds are a great option for several reasons.

For starters, they are super easy and convenient to pack on the go. This means you can put a some in a container to throw in your purse, your car, or where ever in case you get hungry throughout the day.

Another reason almonds are a great option is for the fact they provide a substantial amount of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. So not only are they super easy to pack on the go, they are also super nutrient dense.

Lastly, almonds serve as a major fat burner. Eating fat burns fat. So when you eat almonds you are allowing your body to tap into the excess fat stored in the body to burn as fuel or energy. In comparison, if you eat a banana as a snack your body will have to decide whether it can burn those sugars off or send them into your fat storage. Nevertheless, still take into consideration the calories you are consuming. Overeating almonds is not a good idea because overeating too many calories will also be stored as fat. Focus on eating 1-2oz for a snack, depending on your total daily calorie intake.

1/4 cup of almonds contains the following nutritional value

Total Fat: 16g / Total Carbohydrates 6g / Fiber 3g / Protein 6g


Posted below is what 1/4 of almonds looks like. It’s about a palm size serving.


My healthy snack tip is to add Cinnamon and Stevia to almonds. Especially if they are raw almonds. Cinnamon is a spice known to help manage blood sugar. This is important because low blood sugar is key to managing weight and energy levels. I also add stevia because it is a zero calorie sweetener that curbs my sweet tooth. I recommend Stevia in the Raw as my go to brand.



Cheers to health and happiness,


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