Seduced by Sejuiced: 5 Reasons I love This Company

Sejuiced is an organic juice bar located in Corona Del Mar, California. img_1649I am completely seduced by Sejuiced and want to share all the reasons I love this company.

This company believes in making a difference.

    • Sejuiced makes a difference by selling juice in glass bottles rather than plastic.
    • Utilizing glass bottles rather than plastic is a key way to support the environment. By choosing glass Sejuiced has helped save over 130,000 plastic bottles since April 2018. See more at this link: Choose Glass 
    • Sejuiced also makes a difference by offering the incentive to return your bottle as a donation to one of their charities. In October 2018 Sejuiced totaled up all the bottle return donations in order to donate over $300 to Enable The Future. Other local charities include Barks of Love. See more at this link: Bottle Return Donations 


This company is locally-owned.

  • I appreciate the fact that the owners of this company are Orange County natives and take time to personally be at their store in Corona Del Mar. This effort makes a very big statement in regards to how much they truly care about what they do and the products they are providing. As a customer, seeing this effort makes me feel like I can trust and respect the company even more because it is clear they are dedicated to the health and wellness of all their customers.

This company provides all organic products, raw-juice, and superfood nutrition.

  • Organic means free from the toxic chemicals that potentially harm your health and the environment.img_1670
  • Raw-juice means juice that fresh and cold-pressed. As a result, the raw juice contains all the health boosting nutrients and enzymes. In comparison, some companies use a high pressured pasteruized method of juicing which significantly diminishes nutritional value.

The acai bowls are foodgasmic.

  • I get the Warrior Acai Bowl. I love that there are mulberries added on top of this bowl. img_1081I have yet to come across another company to provide mulberries, so I think it’s pretty cool that Sejuiced offers a very unique addition to their acai bowls. Mulberries are a very delicious superfood that contains a ton of Vitamin C.


Nothing but Good vibes.

  • When you walk into this juice bar you can experience for yourself the good vibes radiating. It is definitely a positive atmosphere and the staff is always

See more about this company here Sejuiced Organic Juice Bar


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