5 Lower Body Exercises to Improve Strength, Stability, and Balance

The 5 exercises below will help improve lower body strength, stability, and balance. These exercises primarily target the glutes and hamstrings to build strength endurance as well as lean muscle. In addition, these exercises will improve the stabilization and endurance of muscles surround your ankle, hips, and spine. Primarily the calves and core muscles. These exercises are important to ensure optimal performance and movement in everyday activities or recreational pursuits.

Trainer Tips For Beginners:

  • Start by practicing this exercise on the ground before progressing to a BOSU ball. It’s important to gain control of this movement on a flat surface before progressing to an unstable surface.
  • Keep your tempo slow and controlled.
  • Think about squeezing your belly button into your spine to activate your core.
  • Keep your eyes focused on something in front of you to help stay balanced.

Single Leg RDL with Kettlebell

Single Leg Balance with Bent Over Row


BOSU Ball Squat with Kettlebell


Double Leg RDL with Kettlebell


 Pistol Squat


Single Leg Reverse Flyes



Lower Body Bosu Ball Workout Video





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