Eat & Train According to Your Body Type

There are generally 3 different body type categories. These body types reveal the way in which one’s body will tend to store fat and burn calories. It is important to know which body type category you fall into because this can help determine the amount of calories and the type of macronutrient ratios that are best fit for your specific metabolic profile. I believe that by eating and training in accords to your body type you will be able to manage your weight and body fat more efficiently.

The Three Body Types Overview


1. Endomorph – (think heavyweight powerlifter; someone with large bone structure and excess fat storage)

2. Mesomorph – (think competitive athlete or bodybuilder; someone with natural athletic build and muscle mass with moderate fat storage)

3. Ectomorph – (think marathon runner; someone naturally very thin with skinny limbs).

How To Eat & Train According To Body Type

  1. Endomorph
    • Characteristics
      • Slow metabolism
      • Excess body fat
      • Fat storage around waist, hips, and thighs
      • Large and stocky structure
      • Difficulty losing weight
      • Can gain body fat easily
    • How To Eat
      • Low Carb/High Fat/High Protein
        • Suggested starting point for macronutrient ratios
          • 25% of calories for Carbs
          • 40% of calories for Fat
          • 35% of calories for Protein
      • Low Carb tolerance-tendency to store carbohydrates as fat so it is best to avoid all starchy/sugary carbohydrates until after exercise, especially if the goal is to lose weight.
    • How To Train
      • Typical training goals: lose body fat
      • Focus on strength & power workouts (lifting weights with high intensity)
  1. Mesomorph 
    •  Characteristics
        • naturally muscular and athletic
        • regular metabolism
        • weight is usually stable but still has excess body fat
        • larger bone structure, solid torso, wide shoulders, trim waist
        • can gain weight easily but also lose weight easily
      • How To Eat
        • Moderate Carb/Moderate Fat/Moderate Protein
          • Suggested starting point for macronutrient ratios
            • 40% of calories from Carbs
            • 30% of calories from Fat
            • 30% of calories from Protein
        • Moderate Carb tolerance-best utilized after exercise
      • How To Train
        • Typical training goal: gain muscle and lose fat
      • Focus on strength training, bodybuilding, and cardio
  2. Ectomorph
    • Characteristics
      • naturally thin
      • fast metabolism
      • low body fat
      • little muscle and little belly fat
    • How To Eat
      • High Carb/Low Protein/Low Fat
        • Suggested starting point for macronutrient ratios
          • 55% of calories from Carbs
          • 20% of calories from Fat
          • 25% of calories from Protein
      • High Carb Tolerance-they can eat whatever the heck they want and not store it as fat
    • How To Train
      • Goals: build strength and muscle


This is me. Can you guess which category I fall into?img_0252

I am a mesomorph. I have a naturally athletic and muscular build. I have the tendency to gain fat around my hips, waist, and thighs if my nutrition and training is not on point. When my nutrition and training is on point I tend to lose weight easily and while maintaining a lot of lean muscle mass.

In the picture above I am roughly 142lbs with 18% body fat. In order to maintain this low body fat and weight I have a specific nutrition and training plan according to my body type.

My Nutrition & Training Plan

  • My Goal: I typically train to manage my physique. I am focused on burning the fat and feeding the muscle in order to stay lean and beachbody ready. Specifically, I like to maintain my body fat between 16-18%.
  • My Training Plan
    • Cardio! I start nearly every day with about 30min of fasted cardio. Typically it is high intensity cardio circuits or intervals. When I skip cardio I have the tendency to gain fat around my hips and waist. This is definitely typical for most mesomorphs.
    • Resistance Training! Lifting weights is definitely a must because maintain lean muscle mass is the key to burning fat and revving up your metabolism. I tend to focus on strength endurance training rather than bodybuilding. This helps me maintain the lean muscle I already have rather than building or growing more muscle mass. I prefer this strategy because I favor a soft yet lean physique rather than a very hard and muscular physique.
  • My Nutrition Plan
    • Intermittent Fasting! After my workout I replenish with bcaas but do not eat a meal right away. I prefer to “fast” for eat another hour or so to keep my body in fat burning mode. When I am ready for my next meal I first replenish with some fruit. Typically a grapefruit because grapefruits are very effective at boosting metabolism and provides a ton of vitamin C to combat internal stress or fatigue.
    • Post-Fasting Meals: My typical meals are high in cooked vegetables and lean protein. For example, my favorite meal is roasted asparagus with baked salmon. If I feel like I need more carbs then I will add a small serving of white or brown rice.
    • Know your numbers! My main focus is hitting my numbers each day. I keep my calories around the 1,600-1,800 range. I focus on moderate carb intake, typically under 150g per day. As well as moderate protein and moderate fat.



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