5 Habitual Questions to Master Healthy Eating

When it comes to healthy eating, the most lean and healthy people have something in common. They all follow a few basic nutritional guidelines that help them stay on the right track. In order to stay on track they are habitually questioning themselves 5 specific points in regards to nutrition. Here are the 5 habitual questions you can ask yourself in order to master healthy eating.

  1. “When did I last eat”?
    • Healthy people are always aware of the last time they had something to eat. Healthy people believe that the key to a healthy lean body is a fast metabolism. Therefore, it is important to fuel your body at the right time with the right food in order to keep your metabolism burning. In general, if it’s been longer than 4 hours its time to eat again.
  2. “Where is my protein for this meal”?
    • Healthy people are always aware of the amount of protein they are consuming throughout the day. Animal based protein is full of the complete amino acids required to help your body build muscle. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism tends to be and the easier it is to burn a ton of calories throughout the day, even at rest. For this reason, healthy and lean people are very focused on eating adequate protein throughout the day to feed the muscle that makes their body a fat burning lean machine. Each meal should have at least 1 serving of complete protein. 1 serving is typically 20-30 grams. Women get 1 serving and Men get 2.
    • For a list of complete protein sources download this free PDF here: COMPLETE PROTEIN SOURCES
  3. “Where are my veggies”?
    • Healthy people are obsessed with vegetables. They know that in order to stay lean they need to eat the most low-calorie, nutrient dense foods. Hence, they eat a ton of vegetables. You should be eating at least 2 servings of vegetables at each meal. One serving is about 1.5 cups and your target is 5-10 cups per day.
    • What vegetables should you be eating? Download this list of fat burning vegetables:
  4.  “Where are the carbs”?
    • Healthy people are typically very active and realize that in order to perform at their best they need proper amounts of energy to fuel their bodies. Complex carbohydrates are the primary food source to provide energy that fuels your daily activity. However, your daily carbohydrate intake is determined on a variety of different factors. Carbohydrates must be strategically added to your diet because different body types and metabolic factors determine whether or not you store those carbs as fat or burn them for energy. So it’s really important to know your body and understand your unique metabolic needs. In general, carbohydrates are typically most effective post-workout. That means, save all starchy based foods such as potatoes, rice, and pasta, for after high-intensity workouts. In addition, keep the serving size to about 1 palm size for women and 2 palm sizes for men.
  5. “Where are my fats coming from?”
    • Healthy people make sure to add a small serving of fat to each meal because it provides the body with the essential fatty acids necessary for optimal bodily functioning such as hormonal activity and brain activity. They are essential because your body does not and cannot make them on its own. Healthy fats should come from a mix of animal based foods as well as plant based foods. For a list of healthy fat sources download this PDF:


Here are two examples of how I incorporate the questions above to help me stay on the right track.


Where is my protein? 4oz of Salmon

Where are my veggies? About 1 cup of broccoli

Where are my carbs? About 1 cup of zucchini

Where are my fats? Omega 3s from Salmon




Vegetarian Meal

Where is my protein? TofuIMG_0598

Where are my veggies? Broccoli, Asparagus

Where are my carbs? Lentils

Where are my fats? Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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