5 Places to Find Acai Bowls in Orange County

Let me share with you my love for acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee). Acai bowls seem to be a very popular treat for us Californians. My obsession with acai bowls started when I was going to school at UC-Santa Barbara. The popular acai spot for Santa Barbarians was a place called Backyard Bowls and I, like everyone else, was hooked on it. Now that I am in Orange County I have hunted down a few favorite spots to satisfy my acai bowl obsession. So here is my list of all my favorite places to eat Acai bowls in the Orange County area. If you are from the Orange County area and can suggest other amazing spots for me to try, please do so in the comments!

PorroVita: “A California Juice Joint”

    • Location: Newport Beach, CA
    • What I like about it:
      • It is located right in the prime beach scene of Balboa Peninsula so the vibe, the ambience, and the atmosphere of this little acai joint is perfectly laidback and lowkey.
      • I love that it is small and appreciate the fact that it is not a mass-produced type of store. It feels more personal because it is unique to the Newport Beach community.
      • There are so many healthy options on the menu in addition to amazing acai bowls. Here are a few options on the menu that I typically order and a list of health benefits as well.
        • Fresh Juice
          1. Tiger’s Blood: Beet, Ginger, Lemon, Apple
          1. LUV UR LIVER: Beet, Ginger, Kale, Carrot, Lemon, Apple
        • Acai Bowls
          1. Berried Alive: Apple Juice, Blueberries,Banana, Strawberries, Açaí
        • Other Stuff
          1. Ants on a Log: Celery, Almond Butter, Raisins
    • Nutritional Benefits for Health Hunters
      • Order a 16oz Tiger’s Blood after a workout and let those beets and lemons replenish your system with a ton of Vitamin C. Beets also contain nitrates which have an incredible impact on athletic performance and healthy heart function.
      • A berried alive bowl is full of simple sugars which can be an effective way to replenish your body after a very busy and active morning. I have found that the best time to eat an acai bowl is after physical activity because that’s when my body optimally utilizes up all those sugars for energy rather than storing them as fat. Acai bowls can provide all the energy and nutrients you need to power through your day or replenish you from fatigue.
      • For a healthy snack on the go try Ants On A Log. Simple, satisfying, and delicious. Celery is great for digestion and the almond butter will keep you full until your next meal.

Banzai Bowls: “Live Life in the Bowl”


    • Huntington Beach, Ca
    • Newport Beach, Ca
    • Costa Mesa, Ca
    • Laguna Beach Ca

What I like about it:

    • SO BIG. You can order a small and still get so much acai bang for your buck.
    • SO many great options. Here is a list of what I typically order:
      • Banzai Bowl
      • Da-Kine
      • Sharks Cove
    • I appreciate the fact that the company uses quality ingredients and even goes as far as to get their honey from a local bee farm.
      • “Our honey is raw and sourced from a local bee farm. We offer superfoods like maca powder, bee pollen and chia. Our peanut butter and almond butter is organic, nothing is GMO, and our açaí is pure – unlike other chains that add fillers like lime juice and soy.
    • Fun Fact: Banzai is actually a traditional Japanese exclamation meaning “ten thousand years” of long life.

Bowl of Heaven

Locations: Newport Beach, CA

What I like about it:

    • This company has a similar vibe to the chain of Nektar juice bars. I like that each bowl comes with a healthy supplement called MAQ 7 which is a “synergistic blend” of “exotic and powerful antioxidant rich superfruits and berries”.
    • I like that it is a hidden spot because it is never overly crowded compared to the long lines at Banzai Bowls. So if you’re in a rush and don’t want to wait in a long line this place is a good option.


  • Locations: Corona Del Mar & Laguna Beach, CA
  • What I like about it:
    • For starters, the ingredients are completely organic
    • I LOVE that this company is genuinely interested in the health, healing, and overall longevity through natural, organic, and raw foods. Every item we serve will nurture your body, soul & of course your taste buds”. This message of good health and longevity is something you can actually experience when you walk into the juice bar. You can feel the authenticity behind the beliefs and values. Health seems to be something the company truly values rather than a convenient sales pitch.

Nekter Juice Bar


What I like about it:

    • As stated above, there are locations EVERY SINGLE WHERE in Orange County. They are growing and growing nonstop. Even though I appreciate the small, low key, non-mass produced stores better…I do appreciate the fact that Netker is so convenient and easy to get to. It’s kind of like Starbucks, but for juice and acai lovers.

So how did I do? Have I hunted down all the best spots for acai bowls or am I missing a few? Are there any other places in Orange County where I can find some amazing acai bowls to try? Please comment on this post to share your experience with all the Health Hunters out there in need of new healthy places to venture and explore. Or please feel free to leave your own review of one of the aforementioned spots I listed above. Would love to connect and hear your experience!

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